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Cyrus won't be getting his phone or apartment for a while but have a place to leave messages, just in case. He's more used to magical means anyhow.
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He missed his apartment.

It may have been viewed as a kindness on Clementine's part, and Cyrus would never hold it against her, but he almost wished she'd just kept him in his bottle. Being used to freedom just made being enclosed within his bottle torturous again.

At least he had a better view this time. Instead of a busy street, his bottle was laying half buried in the sand on the beach. The sunsets were rather beautiful over the water. Still, he wished he could be walking along the shore, toes in the sand and letting the water rush around his legs.

With a sigh, Cyrus laid back against the cushions and let the waves lull him to sleep. All he had to do was wait.
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It had taken longer then he'd thought but one day, while Cyrus was reading in the park, he felt the familiar stirrings of being summoned. With a small smile, he stood up and tucked his book into his belt as the red smoke over took him.

He appeared again amid red smoke in front of Clementine, smile still on his face. "Hello mistress mine." His smile was still kind as he shook his head. "Finally thought of your first wish, Clementine?"
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When in his bottle, Cyrus tried not to count the days. Usually, he couldn't even see day light since the grate was on the bottom of the bottle so he couldn't if he tried. But his bottle had landed on it's side in this new strange city so he'd had a view of not only the sun but the goings on of the new city.

He never thought he'd seen a realm as strange as Wonderland...but this city was coming close. The people of the city had been running around with strange powers and magic and no one seemed to be in control of themselves. What kind of realm had so many people inexperienced with magic? From the stories Alice had told him of her world, there was no magic. Maybe this was a world where magic had been introduced just recently? Who knew.

Cyrus would never know until someone found his bottle and that was only a manner of waiting. He really hated waiting. It only led his thoughts to wander and wonder where Alice was and if she was alright. Not even the distraction of watching this new world could completely purge his love from his thoughts.

Plot Post

May. 29th, 2014 03:33 am
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So, you want Cyrus to grant your character three wishes. This is the place to plot.

Now, obviously I would like to play him without a master eventually so at the moment I'm opening about 3-5 slots. Time and/or plot permitting I may do more. Obviously if you have a pup who would make all their wishes in one go, that won't take nearly as much time and so I can fit in another master. I don't want to be too picky on who gets a slot but I would prefer those who can get plot out of this.

There are restrictions to wishes from both the laws of magic per OUAT canon (which they BROKE in OUAT's finale but whatever :/) and per the mods.

According to the laws of magic a genie can not:
  • change the past
  • kill anyone
  • bring someone back from the dead
  • make someone fall in love

Per the mods:
  • no one can bring someone to Darrow
  • allow someone to leave Darrow
  • godmod someone else's character

The mods would also like to approve:
  • property damage
  • changes to the Darrow landscape
  • arrival of large and/or potentially disruptive items

But the most important thing to consider when figuring out what your character would wish for is that THE BIGGER THE WISH, THE BIGGER THE CONSEQUENCES. Also, don't try to free the genie. It never works out well for anyone.

The other part of this plot to consider is how Cyrus' bottle will be transferred between masters. I was considering having it randomly disappear between masters but that's open for discussion.

I'm hoping some masters won't keep him in his bottle (If they want to though, totally understand!) so he can have some open EPs while still a genie. I want to get some good and/or bad relationship building out of this. Coordination and communication is going to be key to all of this.

Eventually, when Alice and/or the Knave arrive, they will get try to get the bottle from whoever has it so there is that to consider as well, but that's far down the road. Just something to keep in mind.

So! Who wants to be the master of a very charming genie who will be freaked out by the city and the fact that he has no idea what's happened to Alice or when Jafar will catch up with him?

EDIT: I'm okay with initial plotting to take a week or two while I figure out the first master or two. And since I expect this plot to go on for a few months, there is time to work in other characters over time. No rush right now.

ALSO! I need a volunteer to be the first one to find him, because they will get to explain Darrow to a very upset Cyrus as well as their wishes so let me know if you would be willing to be first.

EDIT: Starting to work on the details!

List of interested masters:
  • Clementine
  • Cassandra Cain
  • David Nolan (?)
  • Katherine Pierce
  • (Someone to possibly undo Katherine's wishes)
  • Chris Miles
  • Regina Mills
Order of Masters:
  1. Clemetine
  2. .
  3. .
  4. .
  5. .
  6. .
  7. Regina Mills
Unless you have a good idea for plot involving a genie, I think I'm going to keep this list. Now it's just working out the order and the wishes.
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[personal profile] notinsane requested a planning post and a planning post they shall have! The players of both the Knave and Cyrus are both pretty open, and both shes btw!, and would love to plot out things!

So. Plot away, my dears.
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